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Recycling and reusing have been one of the important things which we have to deal with in order to continue with our daily lifestyles and also to maintain the ecosystem by contributing to the benefit for the same. That being said, there are many wastes which a normal individual won’t be able to take care of! But for that, there are many industries/companies which make sure to deal with such wastes.

That being said, we are also the ones that deal with the manufacturing of recycling and reusing of the materials by making sure we convert the negatives to positives! Following are the points where we stress the importance of recycling:

TetraPak carton is 100% recyclable

TetraPak cartons are primarily made from paper, out of which 75% is made from paperboard, 20% of polyethylene, and 5% of aluminum.

These materials are then layered together using heat and pressure to form a six-layered armor that protects the contents from light, oxygen, air, dirt, and moisture. Furthermore, TetraPak cartons are lightweight, easy to transport, and fully recyclable. This aseptic technology allows the product inside to stay fresh, without the need for any preservatives. The pack need not be refrigerated until opened.

Waste to Resource

Any waste that is managed at the source becomes a resource. Using these resources, Greenwave Eco tries to create a circular economy by creating products made with recycled post-consumer waste.
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What Are The Major Advantages Roof Sheets?

UNBREAKABLE: This unique property of the product gives a longer life to the application. Tests have proved that Roof sheets have passed stringent tests when run over by heavy vehicles.

MANUFACTURE FROM RECYCLED MATERIAL: Roof sheets are Eco friendly as they are made from recycled materials.

CRACK FREE: The expansion and contraction property of steel structures causes cracks in the fibro cement sheets. The roof sheets because of its high flexion resistance, adjust to the changes in weather conditions, and are therefore crack free.

FIRE RETARDANT: Roof sheets have been laboratory tests. Proven to be fire retardant under laboratory tests.

LOW HEAT ABSORPTION PROPERTY: Roof sheets are best suited for temporary and permanent structures during summer because of its reflective property. Tests have shown that the room is cooler by about 25% compared to the conventional roofing sheets.

EASE OF INSTALLATION: The lightweight of the sheets makes it convenient and easy to handle and install. No need to use hooks and fasteners for certain applications, as nailing makes it easier to serve the purpose

BETTER DISPOSABLE VALUE: Composed of recycled plastic (polyethylene) and aluminum foil, the product commands value on disposal, which in conventional sheets is Nil.

GREAT SAVING IN STRUCTURAL FABRICATION COST: Due to the lightness of the product and zero water absorption property, the product proves to be economical in the long run as an investment in structural fabrication gets reduced by almost 50%!

ANTI FUNGUS: These sheets are anti-fungal in any extreme weather conditions as it is made of a composition of polyethylene and aluminum. Such property makes it look as good as new and saves costs on painting.

ZERO WATER ABSORPTION: Conventional fibro cement sheets absorb water during monsoon and the weight increases by almost 30%, whereas PEP Roof sheets maintain the same weight.

EXCELLENT ILLUMINATION: The semi-reflective surface of the sheets makes it more luminous and saves substantially on power bills as fewer lighting fixtures are needed.