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The procedure we follow :

  1. Title Check: Firstly, We check authenticity of the property title.
  2. Initial property inspection: We visit your property, check for repairs, and do what’s needed.
  3. Initial property maintenance: For longtime vacant properties we do the requisite maintenance and housekeeping work.
  4. Advertising: We advertise your property through our channels and tap into our vast network to find the right tenant for you.
  5. Background check: We do a thorough check of potential tenant’s rental history.
  6. Legal work: We do all the statutory work including drafting the tenancy agreement, registration and the allied procedures and inform you about all the legal intricacies.
  7. Rent collection: We ensure timely payment of rent and deposit it in your account.
  8. Routine inspections: We inspect your property once every month and ensure its good maintenance by the tenant. And we do necessary preventive maintenance.
  9. Follow-up actions & repairs: We do necessary maintenance and repairs related to plumbing, painting, electricity etc. carefully in consultation with you.
  10. Continuous monitoring: We interact with the tenant frequently to address his grievances and keep an eye on the property on your behalf.
  11. Handling outgoings: We take care of all your liabilities including society maintenance, bank payments if any, taxations, the necessary bills et al. We notify you well in advance regarding these payments and collect the same.
  12. End of month statements: In our monthly statement, we include a detailed report of the rent collected, the outgoings, the repairs done, and any other property information you desire to have such as the prevailing market rates.
  13. Final inspection: At the end of the tenancy, we conduct a final inspection to check wear and tear of your property. The initial inspection is used as a guide to determine the same.
  14. Allied services: We do cleaning, repairs, and any other unforeseen work before the next tenant moves in.
  15. work to find the right tenant for you.