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The procedure we follow :

  1. Title Check: Firstly, We check authenticity of the property title.
  2. Initial property inspection: We visit your property, check for repairs, and do what’s needed.
  3. Legalities: We look into all the legal documentation like power of attorney if needed.
  4. Inspection and repairs: we monitor your property regulariy and maintain it (preventive maintenance, as well as, repair, as and when needed).
  5. Handling outgoings: We take care of all your liabilities including society maintenance, bank payments if any, taxations, the necessary bills et al. We notify you well in advance regarding these payments and collect the same.
  6. Allied Services: We do everything to maintain your property in good condition – housekeeping, cleaning, repairs, and any other unforeseen work.
    We maintain your home and keep it ready to move in, anytime.